10 Tips for Remaining Positive…

Posted: May 9, 2008 in family
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10 Tips for Remaining Positive…(When you feel frustrated, lazy, or incompetent)

* Post reminders of your objectives in places that you look at often (i.e. computer screens, back of the bathroom door, on your dashboard, etc.

Reflecting on your objectives and goals will lift your spirits and remind you that you will be successful at some point in the future.

* Listen to motivational speeches and read motivational stories or messages, but don’t spend much money on them. Motivational speeches (as with lectures) utilize an incomplete method for teaching. Speeches, motivational or otherwise, rarely stick with us for more than a few weeks.

Their effects will weaken over time so rather than buy them, see if they are available for you to check out at your local library.

* Hang out with sharp people that are motivated and have a habit of doing what they say and keeping their promises. Nothing will bring you down faster than some blow-hard who never produces result and seldom is a person of their word. Don’t expect simply bubbly, hyperactive people to motivate you, they may be fun but they are seldom motivating. The most motivational individuals are the ones that seem to smile a lot, remain positive, and exhibit actions that show self-discipline and commitment. The presence of people with extreme integrity often will inspire a person.

* Expect temporary setbacks and failures on the road to accomplishment. By doing this, you won’t crash and burn mentally or emotionally at the first sign of a real challenge. You will fail at times, and you will make mistakes, that’s a promise, but unless you let it beat you down, you will eventually win. Its OK to screw up … Just learn from it. There is no other way to be considered “experienced” or “seasoned” at anything if you have never failed. Remember the old adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. This statement refers to the insights gained as a result of life’s adversities.

* Exercise-even if it is a short walk, 10 minutes a day-just do it every day. This will affect you subconsciously after about 20 or 30 days. If you can teach your subconscious mind, through repetition, that you can be consistent, you will begin to consciously believe that you can achieve other goals through consistent effort. Consistency is an important ingredient to success. Achieving goals is seldom accomplished without consistent effort.

* Help others achieve their goals, you may find it energizing to see another person’s gratitude for your help in achieving their goal. It also makes you feel worthy of being helped by others-kindness begets kindness. This activity is charitable and reflects your integrity and sincerity as a person.

Feel pride in helping others but show only humility at their thanks.

* Stop phrasing words passively-be assertive. I don’t think I can do it … I will do it.

* Acknowledge a power greater than yourself in the universe and thank it everyday for your blessings.

Prey for guidance and strength and that you may someday reach your full potential so that you may bring some good into the world. Remain charitable in bad times and recognize that things will occur in life that are outside of your control.



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