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Some Tips for Happiness…

Do you know how to enjoy your time and have fun? You can always feel better while thinking about a problem, doing your job at home or at the office.

Remember appreciating the present means taking full advantage of what you have.

Forget the past. Yesterday is gone. Don’t think about it. But do try to keep the good memories and experiences alive. You should pleasantly accept the outcome and experience of yesterday. Don’t live in the past. Enjoy the present. Now is the time to move forward and have a good time. Do not procrastinate. Today you must move forward. Right now is the time to begin. Don’t delay.

Unfortunately, many of us sit down and wait for an appropriate time to show our willingness to experience joys, or expresses our joy.

People who enjoy the present are those who say, “May be tomorrow will never come. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

Certainly it is a good idea to have hoped and a goal but if you make a habit of waiting forever. If you always expect the happiness to come to you, then you actually have deprived yourself of joy and happiness.

  1. One way to begin a new life full of enjoyment is to get up in the morning, spend half an hour riding a bicycle or engaging in different exercises. Then stand in front of a mirror and rub your cheeks and force a big smile to appear on your face. Keep smiling and say to you, “I deserve to be happy.” Shout if you can or sing.
  2. A study once proved that singing brings joy. Singing and joy go together. You sing because you are happy and you are happy because you are singing.
  3. Is it good to be patient? Is it good to be content and satisfied?
  4. If being patient means waiting forever, then the answer is a big, “No”. And if being satisfied means accepting misery, then the answer is also, “No.”
  5. Because this kind of satisfaction prevents you from being ambitious from getting out to look for happiness.
  6. If you are not satisfied with how you are spending your time, you can instead go to visit your friend. Plan a party, go to the swimming pool, go on an enjoyable journey, take a course in art, go on a tour and finally try to make your dreams come true. There is an old Yiddish proverb, “If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep.”
  7. Don’t wait. Live your life today. Perhaps you will never have the chance again.
  8. Perhaps you will never have the particular opportunity you are waiting for.
  9. A pessimist usually lacks a joy-seeking attitude and a happiness-hunting spirit. Sometimes when a pessimist is having a good time, he worries that the good times will end and expects a misfortune. Pessimists are under the illusion that happiness is not theirs, that they do not deserve to be happy. They say, “Some people are born to be happy and some are born to be sad.” No, my brother; Allah did not choose you to be happy or unhappy. It is within you. It is absolutely up to you to be happy or sad.
  10. Some of these people worry too much. Their anxiety is endless. They worry about the smallest things in life. Not only will they make life intolerable for their loved ones, but also they are the ones who suffer most. They are too worried when they feel the burden of responsibility. Shouldering responsibility is tantamount to anxiety for them. Responsibility is the source of unhappiness for them. They often cannot sleep well particularly when they are shouldering a responsibility. They fail to realize that 90% of their worries are worthless. They waster their time worrying over trivial matters. Naturally, this will create tension and, in extreme cases, mental disorder.
  11. Anxiety is not a remedy. It is advisable that these people consult a psychologist and engage in prayers. Prayer is very helpful in occasions of anxiety.
  12. When you have the opportunity to enjoy yourself and experience joy, you should take advantage of it. We often take what we have for granted.
  13. Make a habit of enjoying yourself. Make a habit of exercising everyday. Make a habit of wearing a big smile on your face at all times. Make a habit of taking advantage of what you possess. And remember: Man is a slave of his habits. So if you are allowed to choose your own masters, why not choose the good ones!!

The thrill of fulfillment is one of the best feelings you can ever earn.

What is Luck?
Luck means opportunity, and taking advantage of that opportunity.
George Bernard Shaw once said: “People who get on in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they cannot find them they make them.

  1. todd says:

    great website. i loved it very much reminds me of the documentary “the secret”
    enjoy life to the fullest

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