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Posted: January 5, 2009 in Love
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The Science Behind The Veil

here are number of health and moral benefits that wearing the veil can provide.

 The moral duty of wearing the veil in Islam is an often discussed topic among Muslim women. However, little has been written about scientific reasons that the veil is beneficial for society. There are, in fact, a number of health benefits that wearing the veil can provide, as well as many behavioral science studies that suggest that the veil is the best attire (clothes) for women.


These texts attribute the common cold to wind elements entering the body and causing the typical symptoms of sneezing and a Runny nose.


All outdoor workers should wear some sort of head covering:

For this reason, protecting the head is even more important in warm weather. V.G. Rocine, a prominent brain research specialist, has found that brain Phosphorus melts at 108 degrees; a temperature that can be easily reached if one stays under the hot sun for any length of time without a head covering. When this happens, irreversible brain damage, memory loss and loss of some brain functions can result. Although this example is extreme, Brain damage can still be measured in small degrees from frequent exposure to and overheating of the head. Bernard Jensen, a naturopath and chiropractor states that this is because the brain runs on the mineral phosphorus, which is very affected by heat.


Hygienic Purposes:

All public should wear a veil or head-covering workers serving society to ensure cleanliness and purity. Workers in a number of professions wear “veils” – nurses, fast food workers, and deli Counter workers, restaurant workers and servers, doctors, health care providers and many more.

In fact, when we compare the number of workers who cover their heads to the number who do not, we find that more people probably cover their heads than do not.

Female Psychological Balance:

Covering the hair can also have a beneficial effect on the female psyche as well.

 Studies of women being interviewed for jobs show that there is a high correlation between what they wear and their perceptions of how successful they will be in their interviews. There are many more examples of how what we wear can influence how we act.

Wearing a veil can serve to remind women of their religious duties and behavioral expectations. It can also serve as a reminder to women that we are not only individuals, but also representatives and diplomats of our “Ummah.”

  1. wolfshowl says:

    I have no problem with people espousing wearing a veil for religious or moral reasons. I have a problem when people start claiming physical benefits, when in actuality there are none. What kind of a climate would you have to be in to be exposed to temperatures high enough to burn your brain? even if you were in that heat, you could wear a baseball cap and still have a ponytail sticking out.

    Full-on hijab is about covering up women’s hair. You know, some of us find confidence by having our hair out and exposed. Believe it or not.

  2. navedz says:

    Scientific, religious, moral.. or whatever… for a believing woman, the only and more than sufficient reason to wear a veil/hijab is that : Allah has asked her to do so. Alhumdolillah!

    If you read the Quran – before the mentioning of the ‘Hijab’ for the women, the Quran mentioned the ‘Hijab’, for the man.
    “He should lower his gaze and guard his modesty”. (Surah Nur : 30)

  3. am says:

    (Salamun alaykum)
    yes, you’re right. I agree with you completely.
    Thank you for your comments.

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