In the ISLAMIC beginning…

In the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

Islamic Greetings

Salamun Alaykum: Peace be upon you

What is Islam and who is a Muslim?

Islam literally means: Submission or surrendering to God

Muslim is a person who believes in ‘Islam’.

The Emergence of Islam

Literally Islam began with the first prophet; Adam.

In its complete sense, Islam began with the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad in 25 June 610 AD at the age of 40 ( Muhammad was born in 28 April 570 AD).

The Main Sources of Knowledge in Islam:

The Holy Quran .

The Hadith (sayings and practical life of the Prophet Muhammad).

The bedrock of Islam:

In Theory: Faith in One God, Hereafter and Prophets.

In Practice: Righteous Deeds.

Main Beliefs

Monotheism: believing in Unique God who does not beget nor is He begotten.

Justice of God: believing that God is neither cruel nor unfair.

Prophecy: believing in all God’s Messengers from Adam to Muhammad.

Successors of the Prophet: Imam Ali and his 11 offspring.

Resurrection: believing in the day of Judgment: Eternity in Hell or Heaven.

Islam in Practice

Jurisprudence: Worshipping (Daily Prayers, Fasting, Charity (Zakat and Khoms), Pilgrimage to Hajj, Jihad, enjoining good and forbidding evil, befriending friends of God and dissociation from the enemies of God), only Halal meat is permissible to eat. All types of intoxicants are forbidden. Gambling is forbidden. Marriage is very recommended act and divorce is permissible but detested.

The noble social rule in Islam:
“Repel evil with what is best.” (i.e. don’t repel evil with evil)

Two Main Muslim Denominations:

Shi’a: Those who believe Prophet Muhammad (P)- by the divine command- appointed Ali; his son-in-law and cousin, and his 11 offspring ending with Imam Mahdi, as his caliphs.

Sunni: Those who the Prophet (P) did not appoint anyone after himself to lead the Muslim community.

Islamic Calendar and Main Festivals:

Muslim Calendar is lunar.

Holidays in Islam are holy days.

Eidul-Fitr (celebrating successfully ending the Month of Fasting).

Eidul-Adha (celebrating successfully ending the Hajj pilgrimage).

Eidul-Ghadir (celebration of divine appointment of Imam Ali, by the Prophet as the authority after him: 70 days prior to Prophet’s demise.).

Ashura ( Commemoration of martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet; Imam Husain and his loyal companions).

  1. whitehope says:

    I’m curious. I’ve heard some Muslims condemn Jihad (the terrorist acts, suicide bombings, etc.) but Muslims are obviously the ones doing it. Does Muhammad inspire or command Jihad?
    My other question is: is there any assurance that you’re going to heaven? Is it only if you die in Jihad or is there another way you can be assured?
    One more: I know you believe Jesus was a prophet, but isn’t what makes a prophet a prophet is that everything they say is true, past, present, and future? Jesus claimed to be God, the Son of God. Does that throw Him out as a prophet?
    Thanks! I’ve been researching Islam on an academic basis.

  2. am says:

    Hello, (Salamun Akaikum)
    At first thank you for you attention and thank Allah from His guidance for us.
    Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was condemn killing people and if one person kill another they will be punished hardly, because human being is very sacred in Islam.
    Foe researching the issue you can study Holly Koran and even so research the Iran criminal Law as a Islamic country.
    for example I tell you three verse from Holly Quran:

    You who believe, do not use up your wealth idly,] squandering it [on one another, unless it is for some business based on mutual consent among you. Do not kill one another; God has been Merciful towards you!)(Holy Quran: women/29)

    Say] O, Messenger! [:” Come, I will Recite to you that which your Creator and Nurturer has made Forbidden to you: That you do Not join anything as partner to Allah And that do not do but good to your Parents; and that do not slay your Children for fear of poverty, since We Provide sustenance for you and for Them; and that you do not draw near To sinful acts whether open or Secret; and that you do not slay The life that Allah has decided sacred Save in the course of justice] i. e., by The right of retaliation [. These are The things that Allah has Commanded You in order that you may use your Reason.” (Holy Quran: The cattle: 151)

    And do not slay the life which Allah has Forbidden except by the right of Qisass. Whoso is killed unjustly We Have appointed to his next of kin] his Heir [authority and right of retaliation, but His heir also should not exceed The Limit. (Holy Quran: Israelites:33)

    In every law system and in every community there are some few people that do not act according to law and were killing some persons. therefore it’s not from Islam but It’s from some few Muslims.
    Secondly if your sample is Palestine people, I should tell you that if an enemy is killing your brothers and your sisters, and you don’t have any army equipments then do not devote yourself to save another people and your family and to kill your enemy. therefore It’s a holly defense.

    Maybe you don’t know what’s the real news of Gaza…
    You can visit:

    Answering to your second question, I should say that Muslims are hoping to go to heaven because of doing moral acts and worshiping Allah and pay attention to oppressed persons and so on… (Study Holy Quran).
    and if anybody hope to go to heaven maybe it’s not in true path unless him/her acts is according to Islam’s instructions, and Islam a peace religion. but if you were killed for defensing from your people and your country you’re martyred and you are hoping to go to heaven.

    Isa (Jesus) is one of Messengers (Prophets), therefore He is only a human not son of God or anything else. In Holly Koran you can study in regard to Him:

    O, people of the Scripture! Do not Exaggerate about your religion and do Not say about Allah except the Truth: Verily, Issa Massih, son of Maryam, is Only a Messenger of Allah and was Created by Allah’s Word of Command, which He conveyed to Maryam, and he was a spirit Proceeding from Allah; believe Therefore in Allah and His Messengers And do not say:” There are three Gods.” Desist! It is good for you.] If You stop saying so [; verily, Allah is The One and the only God; He is Exalted above having a son] as The disbelievers claim. [To Allah Belong whatever is in the heavens and Whatever is on the earth. Allah is Sufficient as the Guardian] for all Creatures [Holly Koran: women/171)

    Thank you for paying attention.
    Finally for study anything you must refer to pure and true references.

  3. Moazzam says:

    I was searching the web for shia sunni differences and I found your page of “Islam in a less than 500 words” which is really wonderful.

    Though we have differences in Islam. We must not portray them to the outside world. We must call ourself “Muslims” and not a shia/sunni/wahabi/hanafi etc.

    Jazak Allah Khair!

  4. zebra says:

    Islam very intresting but will never follow, because my muslim friend are suffering way too much in there own
    country. There are been abuse by there own religion of Islam.

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