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There are four things that when one of them enters into a home, it will be ruined, and divine blessing does not reestablish it: treachery, larceny, drinking, adultery.



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not only the homes, but also the societies are not excepted from this rule.


when treachery penetrates into a society, the spirit of confidence is disappeared thereof.


and when larceny, in its different forms, appears therein, peace will not be found anymore.


and when wine drinking becomes popular among people, they will have weak thoughts, disable children and useless youths.



and when they are stained with adultery, the foundation of families will be weakened and their next generation will be mischievous.


Religion give me a series of instructions till I can live better.
If I perform in order to it, I will be saved.
for example I should not belie. I should be mercy to others. I should help you
If you need. I should not do any adultery. I should be in justice and so on…
Religion will be guide me and you.
this is a verse:
Say,” O People of the Book! Come to a word common between us and you: that we will worship no one but Allah, and that we will not ascribe any partner to Him, and that we will not take each other as lords besides Allah.” But if they turn away, say,” Be witnesses that we are Muslims.
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