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Dear sister Wafa,

You have been a source of light and a means of guidance to me. I shall be strong enough to destroy pain… I’ll forget all my sufferings. With the weapon of faith, I shall break down many pains that spoiled my life. My awareness is back after a long absence. I am fully awake, making my way towards the Divine light and forgiveness.

“Oh my Lord, how great is Your mercy. How easy difficulties are, for Your sake! How wonderful is struggle, for Your pleasure! How sweet bitterness is to get near You. No aim is worthy of struggle, but Yours. Oh God, despite troubles, I find happiness in my striving towards You. However narrow this room is, I enjoy the horizons of Faith, praying to You. Oh my Lord, how wonderful it is to get free of these earthly chains, setting out towards You…! Oh God! I seek nothing but Your pleasure, I need nothing but Your forgiveness. I tread only towards Your orchard. Oh my Lord, this life is nothing but efforts for your sake. My soul, Oh God, is full of hope in Your forgiveness. It longs for Your bounties and waits for Your pleasure…Oh God, this hardship is only a means of bringing me nearer to You…Oh God, my tears are for Your sake, Oh God, how great my need of Your pleasure is…!”

Finally, dear sister, I confess my gratitude to you for all your help.



Dear sister Raja,

How wonderful for one to place one’s hopes in Allah the Almighty. Such hopes make one smile amid tears and laugh despite suffering. Hope of Allah’s pleasure and forgiveness changes darkness within oneself into a bright light reflected on one’s face. Such hopes help the believers to tolerate the hardships without despair or retreat. They make the bitter taste of life, sweet, and heal wounds…Imam Ali (A.S.) refers to this when he describes the believers. He says, “…their bodies are on earth, but their souls are attached to the sublime world…” How difficult life is, for one who does not seek the source of hope! How hard it is for one to tread difficult roads without the help of Divine Guidance! Faith is, dear sister, a paradise full of shady trees for one seeking refuge from poisonous life. Faith is a spring of water that can never dry up. It is man’s provision in this life and the Hereafter. Keep on seeking Allah’s mercy.

May Allah keep you safe.




A Real Story: How I became a ?

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Name: Sara Nevarez

From: Los Angeles, California

Salam Aleikom (Hi)

My name is Sara Nevarez and I am Muslim (alhamdullilah). I was born in to a strong catholic family who came from Mexico to America, my family was very traditional, my grandmothers would take me to church on Sundays and they showed me how to pray, my mother would teach me to show respect for the prophet Issa (as), and father would read the bible

As I grew older I had many questions, I asked my father the prophet Issa (as), needed to sleep, eat, and drink, if he was the son of Allah (swt), and my father had no answer for me. I asked my grandmothers why Catholics prayed to saints if they were not perfect in their lives and both of them had no answer. When I grew older I stopped going to church because I felt nothing in my heart for the catholic beliefs, my family was sad for me

In 1998 I decided to go back to church, all the questions I had were still there and so I asked the priest because I was sure he would know everything. I told him I had doubts about prophet issa (as) being the son of Allah (swt) and he said to me “you have to accept this and not ask questions”…, on that day my heart felt empty and heavy. I knew my life was lost without religion, but it was better to be lost than to not be 100% convinced of your faith. And I wan not convinced at all.

In 2000 I saw the story of Yusuf Islam on American television, he told of all the riches he had when he was a famous singer yet he still felt loneliness and not fulfilled… after an accident someone gave him the noble Koran and he went on to describe the immediate feeling of relief upon reading the first pages. He said this life was meaningless without Islam. He also said he would never go back… I remember thinking to myself that man had everything but felt like he had nothing without spiritual guidance OH,OH

I wanted to know more about this religion called Islam I bought books many books, I bought the movie (the message) and I went to internet to learn everything I could. I knew Islam was for me the noble and holy Koran made perfect sense it is completely logical… the Koran showed me how to live to accept to respect, strive towards Allah (swt), I studied for two years. I wanted to be sure of the differences between Shia and Sunnah, for me I accept both but I wanted to know how both were in their Islam, I went to Sunnah Masjid “Mosque” no one wanted to discuss this subject, in my mind I had to find out

One day I met a woman from south Lebanon, she went to my office and I could not keep my eyes from her, we became friends…, she took me to Shia Masjid (Mosque) and I read two books, TEARS & TRIBUTES and THE IZ INFALLIBLES. My eyes were filled with hot tears and my heart was happy and sad, I knew immediately I was ready for my life to change I wanted Allah (swt) to love me

On may 05- 2002,at 4:44 in the afternoon I declared Al_shahadah (Ashhado an la ilaha ella Allah, Mohamed Rasul Allah) and submitted to Allah (swt) I became muhajabeh (I wore the Veil) that day, I prayed in the direction of the kaabbah (Kiblah) for the first time on that day and I cried on that day I was crying because of sadness, why I didn’t find this religion of Islam sooner ?, I was lost for a long time “subhanallah I found Islam like Yusuf Islam ” and I too would never go back never…, my son Hassan was 12 years old in 2002 and he too became Muslim. My family was happy that I had religion and they accepted Islam in the family.

In 2006 performed hajj and I feel stronger than ever. my life and the life of my son have changed forever, Islam showed me that without submission to the one god life is a meaningless day to day existence Allah(swt),in all of his mercy, has put forth the Koran through his Rasul Mohamed (sas) so that we humanity, may inshallah be guided, I hope in all sincerity that this humble story of a woman’s conversion to Shia Islam will inspire all those who read it, may Allah(swt) blessings be bestowed upon all of my brother and sisters


God was one?!

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A Bedouin approached Imam Ali (as) and asked if he asserted that God was one? In answer, Imam Ali (as) said: To say that God is one has four meanings; Two of these meanings are false and two correct.

As for the two incorrect meanings, one is that one should say ‘God is one’ and be thinking of number and counting. This meaning is false because that which has no second cannot enter into the category of number. Do you not see that those who said that God is the third of trinity [i.e, the Christians] fell into infidelity? Another meaning is to say that so and so is one of this people, namely as a species of this genus or a member of this species. This meaning is also not correct when applied to God, for it implies likening something to God and God is above all likeness.

As for the two meanings that are correct when applied to God, one is that it should be said that God is one in the sense that there is no likeness unto Him among things. God possesses such uniqueness. And one is to say that God is one on the sense that there is no multiplicity or division conceiveable in Him, neither outwardly nor in the mind nor in the imagination. God possesses such unity.
Also Imam Ali (as) said:
To know God is to know His Oneness.

This means that to prove that the Being of God is unlimited and infinite suffices to prove His Oneness, for to conceive a second for the Infinite is impossible.

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